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Green blue tools

These tools have been used in the case studies relating to the green blue sector.

Two levels of information are included; a brief description of the tool, where it can be obtained from and the type of data that is output by the tool, and also a more indepth description which provides more detail which is presented in .pdf format.

Tools that specialise on green blue

(PETUS case study)

Differentiated Management
(PETUS case study)

Equity mapping analysis

GREENSCOM Toolkit for assessmentof planning concepts and policy

GREENSPACE Strategic Decision Support System (DSS)

Integrated monitoring tool for urban green space (IMTGS)

Interdisciplinary Criteria Catalogue (ICC)

Policy on Open Space Planning
(PETUS case study)

Policy Planning Guidance

PPG17 - Planning Policy Guidance 17

Public Planning Forum
(PETUS case study)

The Green Poster

The Sociotop Map

General tools that include green blue

A way towards a city of the future

Best Value and Sustainability Checklist (SOLACE, I&DeA, Local Government Association)

BRE Sustainability Checklist for developments: A common framework for developers and local authorities
(PETUS case study)

Cardiff County Council Sustainability Appraisal Matrix
(PETUS case study)

Checklists to support land use planning

Context Analysis
(PETUS case study)

Contract Evaluation (Contractor Selection Matrix)
(PETUS case study)

Dispute Resolution Ladder
(PETUS case study)

Eco Balance Model

EiEolienne planning-map
(PETUS case study)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental statement (ES)
(PETUS case study)

Feasibility Studies
(PETUS case study)

Green Accounting for Residential Areas, version 3.1.
(PETUS case study)

Green Plot Ratio

HQE Process
(PETUS case study)

Impact Monitoring and Assessment (IMA)

Indicating Right: environmental performance indicators for the waste management sector

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
(PETUS case study)

Land use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model (LEAM)

Manual on Environmental Management in Project Design (MEMPD).
(PETUS case study)

Movement for Innovation (M4I) Sustainability Indicator Assessment Tool
(PETUS case study)

Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)
(PETUS case study)

Municipal Target Criteria (one of Two)
(PETUS case study)

National Target Criteria (one of Two)
(PETUS case study)

(PETUS case study)

Quality of Life

RST Grid

Seascape Assessment
(PETUS case study)

Set of Local Sustainability Indicators (LSI)
(PETUS case study)

Social Impact Assessment

SPeAR®: Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine (ARUP)

Sustainable Diagnosis
(PETUS case study)

The context analysis
(PETUS case study)

The Neighbourhood Checklist: Community Checklist; Shaping Neighbourhood, A guide for health, sustainability and vitality

The Neighbourhood Checklist: Investors Checklist; Shaping Neighbourhood, A guide for health, sustainability and vitality

Translating official sustainability commitments into everyday management practices

Visual assessment (photo montage)
(PETUS case study)

Welsh Assembly Government Integration Tool