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Green blue case studies

These case studies are green blue related projects that have used at least one tool to assess sustainability. This has enabled an investigation of the usefulness of tool in highlighting sustainability and its role in the decision making process. Case studies that have been chosen could be complete, ongoing or due to take place in the next couple of years and can be of a building, neighbourhood, city or regional scale.

The information included has be obtained from interviews with project staff, other literature and websites.

Two levels of information are included; a brief description of the case study, the tools used and how they have had an impact on the project and also a more indepth description which provides more detail and sources of information, this is presented in .pdf format.

Environmental monitoring in Breda
Umwelt Monitoring in Breda

The Netherlands

Harbour bathing in Copenhagen
Hafen-Bäder in Kopenhagen

Creating clean bathing areas in the city are of Copenhagen

Millenium Coastal Park
Umgestaltung eines ca. 6km2(1500 acres) großen Industriebrachlandes in ein Erholungsgebiet und Wildpark

Open Space Planning

Policy for the preservation and redevelopment of green areas

Pedestrian Master Plan for the city of Liège
Masterplan zum Fußgängerverkehr in Liège

This case is related to the development of a tool that aims to support sustainable development in the city of Li駥, Belgium.

Regeneration of Dobrich Town Park, Dobrich Municipality
Regeneration des Dobricher Parks, Gemeinde Dobrich

Regeneration of neglected urban infrastructure in Bulgarian cities and towns

Ski centre Comprehensive Development Plan
Umfassender Entwicklungsplan für ein Schizentrum

Development of winter sports infrastructure on the urban fringe of the town of Chepelare

Urban Green space differentiated Management
Differenzierte Managementmethoden urbaner Grünräume

Green space management