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Tool application

Name of the tool
Dispute Resolution Ladder

Who applied the tool in the case?
The tool is applied by whoever in the project needs to solve a dispute. In Baglan, the disputers were given four hours to try and solve the issue, before the next step in the flow chart was instigated which involved the Project Manager and contract agent. The time deadline for stage two was 24 hours, and although Level 2 was Level 2 was reached 3 times throughout the duration of the project, the disputes never went higher in the flow chart.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
The time taken to apply the tool will vary for each case. The intention is that the time will be as short as possible i.e. the dispute will be solved in under four hours, however if the dispute is not solved within four hours, the process will take longer and become a bigger issue.

Any other interesting information about the tool

Case study/ies where tool is in use

Baglan Energy Park Phase 2