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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Positive comments about the tool
The strengths of KPIs when implemented in the New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme and Baglan Energy Park Phase 2 were considered to be:
• The regular use of KPIs to evaluate the performance of the Partnership ensured that the projects stated values became practice and were not left as a well meaning, but little used document.
• Regular use of the KPIs also ensured that problems were dealt with immediately rather than becoming issues at a later date.
• The recurring use of KPIs in the construction industry makes comparison straightforward and more reliable.
• KPIs are regularly checked, this ensures that attention is continually focused on relevant points e.g. on a clients specifications or on environmental targets.
• KPIs can show past performance and allow assessments to be made about what needs to be done to improve the situation.
• KPIs allow performance to be continually observed, e.g. if accidents happen continuously month after month, KPIs call help reveal a pattern.

Negative comments about the tool
Weakness of KPIs as a result of their implementation in the New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme and Baglan Energy Park Phase 2 were identified as being:
• It can be easy to make KPIs too complicated,
• KPI information can become out of date when not regularly updated.
• If there are other problems on site it is often hard to remember to do a KPI assessment