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Building and land use case studies

These case studies are building and land use related projects that have used at least one tool to assess sustainability. This has enabled an investigation of the usefulness of tool in highlighting sustainability and its role in the decision making process. Case studies that have been chosen could be complete, ongoing or due to take place in the next couple of years and can be of a building, neighbourhood, city or regional scale.

The information included has be obtained from interviews with project staff, other literature and websites.

Two levels of information are included; a brief description of the case study, the tools used and how they have had an impact on the project and also a more indepth description which provides more detail and sources of information, this is presented in .pdf format.

Angelina Street- ein Modell zur Wohnbausanierung
Redevelopment of social housing to incorporate energy efficiency measures, water conservation and neighbourhood improvements.

Anwendung ganzheitlicher Umweltrichtlinien für Nachbarschaftsentwicklungen in Nijmegen
Environmental appraisal to identify areas for potential redevelopment.

ÖKOSTADT 2000 Evaluation
ÖKOSTADT 2000 Evaluierung

An environmental programme for the provincial capital of Graz

Baglan Energy Park Phase 2
Large scale redevelopment scheme of a former chemical works and steel works.

City District heating and cooling in Zuidas
Heizung und Kühlung im Stadtteil Zuidas

To develop an energy system that meets high environmental standards and provides an excellent quality and good sustainability. Better than normal good practice, with a 50% energy saving by 2020.

Dogme 2000
A municipal network on sustainable urban development

DPL2 - Neuer Wohnbau in Den Helder

Rehabilitation of an old veterinary surgeon school into an urban "Eco-Centre"

Environmental profiling of buildings in Tilburg
Umweltprofiling für Gebäude in Tilburg


Evaluation of the Hedebygade Block
Evaluierung des „Hedebygade Block“-Projekts

A project on Urban ecology and urban renewal

Folehaven Green Laundry
Grüne Wäscherei in Folehaven

Renovation of a communal laundry for existing non-profit housing development to include 'environmental' features.

Green Diploma, certification for sustainable building operation
Green Diploma, Zeugnis/Auszeichnung für nachhaltiges Bauen

Environmental certification of existing buildings

Llandarcy Urban Village - Das Urbane Dorf
The UK?s proposed largest Urban Village, a large scale regeneration project on 1,300 acres of land.

Management of wind-farm developments in Wallonia (landscape and use of land
Management der Entwicklung von Windkraft-Anlagen in Wallonien

Wind farm development in the Wallonian Region of Belgium

New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme
Regenerationsmodell New Tradegar

Land reclamation and regeneration of a former Welsh mining village.

Pedestrian Master Plan for the city of Liège
Masterplan zum Fußgängerverkehr in Liège

This case is related to the development of a tool that aims to support sustainable development in the city of Li駥, Belgium.

Porte des Alpes urban development
Porte des Alpes- ein Stadtentwicklungsprojekt

Pilot of Concerted Development Zone (CDZ) in the city of Lyon

Regeneration Project for a Historical Quarter in the town centre
Projekt zur Erneuerung eines innerstädtischen historischen Viertels von Berkovitza

Berkovitza historical quarter regeneraton

Spatial planning - a holistic approach
Raumplanung- ein ganzheitlicher Zugang

The use of indicators to assist the planning and decision making processes

Strategic Environmental Assessment(SEA)in Copenhagen
Strategische Umweltprüfung (SUP)in Kopenhagen

The implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in the municipality of Copenhagen

Sustainable design of DR City
Nachhaltiger Entwurf für DR City

Large scale new development of headquarters for Denmark?s national broadcasting radio and television station.

The Royal Theatre "La Monnaie"
Das Königliche Theater „La Monnaie“

The implementation of a tool, the Environmental Management Control Panel, designed to minimise the different impacts of buildings housing specific activities, as in a theatre.

URBAN I Graz and URBAN II link Graz West: Social and economic renewal of urban districts
URBAN I Graz und URBAN II- link Graz West: soziale und wirtschaftliche Revitalisierungsmaßnahmen in verschiedenen Stadtbezirken

Demonstration of the usual top-down planning and decision making processes in urban planning.