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Source of tools

Name of the tool
Design Guidance/Design code

Where is tool available from
Copies of the Llandarcy Design Code and the Millennium Coastal Park design strategy are not available, but design strategies for individual projects can be commissioned from consultants.

When was the tool produced
The Design Concept for the Millennium Coastal Park was developed in October 1995 and accompanied the Development Strategy and Business Plan Report, and the Technical Report.
The Llandarcy project based design code was produced at the start of the project.

Is support provided
No, but the concept of Design strategies and codes is widely discussed.

Organisation/s that developed the tool and country of origin
Design codes have existed for many years, but have in the UK in recent years received a resurgence due to the support of the Prince of Wales and the development of Poundbury, and in the USA Seaside Florida.

Is the tool newly developed or based on an exisiting tool
The design strategy for the Millennium Coastal Park was developed using the generic concept of the design code.

Cost of the full tool
The concept is free, and consultants fees will vary.