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Project summary

Name of the case study
Helsinki Metropolitan Area Transport System Plan (PLJ 2002)

Where is it located?

What type of activity is it?
building new roads, rails etc.

Short description of the case study

The Helsinki Metropolitan Transport System Plan is a long-term plan that takes an overall, strategic view of the transportation system, defining the common aims for its development, giving a direction to regional transport policies, and drawing up a development scheme that can implement common goals within a realistic financial framework. The plan is the expression of the common will of the participant bodies, and in it the emphasis is on regional cooperation.

Finnish road transport services
Finnish road transport services

In February 1999 the Board of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV) approved the amendment to the existing transport system plan (PLJ 1998) and also decided that the planning of the transport system should be continued so that the next revision (PLJ 2002) could be approved by the end of the year 2002.

Simultaneously with the production of PLJ 2002, YTV’s Development Office drew up a projection of the future overall land use in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, PKS 2025. PLJ 2002 and PKS 2025 were prepared in close cooperation, both within the YTV organisation and also with other participants and interest groups.

From the beginning, the impacts of all measures studied were assessed in the planning. Finally, in the impact estimates of PLJ 2002 four alternative transport systems (0+ = the current system including investments already accepted, 1 = the former plan emphasising infrastructure investments, 2 = an alternative based on traffic and mobility management, 3 = trying to minimise transport demand through land use planning) were compared with regards to the development objectives defined for the plan. The impacts of the alternatives were examined in relation to both the present and the year 2025 situation. Those responsible for drawing up the Transport System Plan Draft had been aware of the results of the impact assessment, and thus the results were able to influence the content of the Draft Plan – whose impacts have also been assessed. The results of this assessment had a strong influence on decision-making.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Multi-criteria analysis -(Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV))

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