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Project summary

Name of the case study
Solid Waste in Copenhagen

Where is it located?

What type of activity is it?
Management of infrastructure elements

Short description of the case study
A Cost Benefit Analysis was used to support the argument that one system for pre-collection sorting of waste was better than another system. The two competing systems are briefly described in the case. They represent different kinds of systems to be used in a local scale in high-rise, dense urban areas, using advanced involvement of the users. The decision concerning which of the two systems to use in the rest of Copenhagen was more or less overruled by other decisions. Hence, the use of the Cost Benefit Analysis never got further than the preparatory work. In spite of this, the case illustrates the problems with lack of transparency in Cost Benefit Analysis.

The case is indirectly related to the PETUS key-issue of Waste Disposal

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Cost Benefit Analysis

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