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Decision making process

Name of the case study
Solid Waste in Copenhagen

Decision making process
The decision to be taken was whether to promote one or the other system as the system to use in entire Copenhagen. The CBA was used in an internal procedure among technicians. The whole procedure was, however, overrules by a general stop for support of composting and biogas systems

Name of tool
Cost Benefit Analysis

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
The Cost-benefit analysis was made at the end of the projects, as a part of finding out which system to use in the entire city (in this respect the projects could be considered large pilot projects). The tool was meant to support the technicians? suggestion to promote one of the systems. Other decisions meant, however, the both systems are neither promoted, nor cancelled in the Solid Waste Plan.

It is hard to say how the tool influenced the decision-making process. The process was paused due to the continuing debate on how to handle the organic waste.

The two systems continue in parallel, and the latest Solid Waste Plan for Copenhagen Municipality does not include a debate on which system to develop further.

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated
The public has not been involved in the decisions and the decisions have not been disseminated.

Decision making process - how was the public involved
The public has however, been very involved in debates prior to the start of the two pilot projects, locally elected representatives of all the involved uses have agreed on being a part of the pilot projects.

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Cost Benefit Analysis

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