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Management of wind-farm developments in Wallonia (landscape and use of land)

Laws and Reports (international) • European Landscape Convention CETS No. : 176:
• European EIA directive
• Aarhus Convention
Kyoto Protocol
• Wind Power & Policy in Europe

Laws and Reports(national)
• The Framework for Wind-Farm´s developments in the Wallonian Region:
• Environment license and Unique License

Wallonian Sites
• "Energy Site" of the Wallonian Region:
• ´Environment Site´ of the Wallonian Region

Some other European guidelines references
• BELGIUM, Guide for EIA of wind-farms

• FRANCE, Guide for EIA of wind-farms
• U.K., Best Practice Guidelines for Wind Energy Development
• IRELAND Best Practice Guidelines for Wind Energy Development • EUROPEAN Best Practice Guidelines for Wind Energy Development

R. Bavay, (mars-avril 2003),L´écologie contre l'Environnement (Ecology versus Environment), Etudes Foncières n°102, France
(décembre 2004) Dossier Eolien (Wind-farm files, Special edition), Les cahiers de l'Urbanisme n°52, Belgium (summaries in different languages!!)
La Wallonie pourrait doubler ses objectifs éoliens. (Walloniawould double its production of wind-energy)

Other sources
Many interviews

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

EiEolienne planning-map

Framework of Guidelines for Wind Energy development

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