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Who applied the tool in the case?
In order for partnering to function all stakeholders, and support services must agree to the concept, as is the nature of partnership, however the concept has to be initiated by someone.

In the Angelina Street Butetown Regeneration Scheme, it was the municipality - Cardiff County Council who initiated the Cardiff Partnering Scheme. Proposals were presented to the Council Cabinet and the option of setting up a Partnership to develop redundant council owned housing sites throughout Cardiff for mixed tenure housing (including 100 new council houses), was given cabinet approval for the council to encourage a Partnership approach.

In the New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme it was the project manager Colin Jones who persuaded Caerphilly County Borough Council to adopt and support a partnership approach with the purpose of creating a dynamic for further regeneration of the area. The partnership intended to enable professionals and the ´ man on the street ´ to gain a better understanding of the difficulties each other faced, and to aid communication and develop the spirit of trust and cooperation.

In Baglan Energy Park Phase II, the decision to implement " partnering " was taken by the Baglan Energy Park Steering Group following suggestion by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. A detailed report was procured from the site Cost Consultant and a detailed strategy determined and agreed.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
Once up and running partnering continues throughout the project. Partnering operates most effectively when all aspects are agreed upon at the very beginning of the project - possibly even before the contractors are employed, so that they are employed on the grounds of the partnership agreement.

Any other interesting information about the tool
The partnership approach has been used successfully in three UK PETUS case studies and is strongly supported by Constructing Excellence (and others) as an example of good practice. When first used, all partners need to be flexible which could prove a challenge, however the results have been shown to make this worthwhile.

According to Constructing Excellence benefits of partnering include:
• " Increased customer satisfaction
• Better value for the client
• Recognition and protection of profit margin for contractors and suppliers
• Staff development and satisfaction
• Creation of an environment that encourages innovation and technical development
• Better understanding between partners and driving down of real costs
• Improved ´buildibilty´ through early involvement of the contractors
• Duplication eliminated
• Better predictability of time and cost
• Shorter overall delivery period
• Stability which provides more confidence for better planning and investment in staff resources"


Case study/ies where tool is in use

Angelina Street- ein Modell zur Wohnbausanierung

New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme
Regenerationsmodell New Tradegar

Baglan Energy Park Phase 2