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Project summary

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Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan, Velingrad Municipality

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Short description of the case study
Bulgarian government initiated the Capacity 21 Programme jointly with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Programme in 1997 to answer the need for integrating the sustainable development principles in national and municipal policy and planning.The Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) and Action Plan of Velingrad Municipality was elaborated as a pilot project of the Capacity 21 Programme and was financed by UNDP in Bulgaria.

SDS comprises five parts - Future Development Vision, Current Situation Analysis and Evaluation, Local Agenda 21, Action Plan and Indicators. The set of indicators was supposed to evaluate the Action Plan results. Some of the indicators have been traditionally implemented even before the SDS elaboration and was considered useful for including in LSI as a means to support decision making. The case presents the relations between the municipal strategy, the action plan elaborated for the implementation of the strategy and a set of local indicators intended to evaluate the success of the actions undertaken. The holistic approach applied traces the connections between different urban aspects and can be a basis for defining the missing elements and relations.

Although many of the actions included in the Action Plan have been partially or fully realised, it seems that the Municipality found it difficult to evaluate the results through the indicator set.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Set of Local Sustainability Indicators (LSI)

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