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Application of tools

Name of the case study
Project for a New Bridge over The Danube (Vidin -Calafat)

Name of tool
Preliminary EIA report

Description of tool - character
The tool comprises an assessment method.
The ERM Lamayer International was commissioned by Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Communications to conduct a Preliminary EIA. The study was carried out by ERM Lamayer International, Germany, in cooperation with IRIN, Sofia, assisted by IPTANA, Bucharest, and GeoMarine, Sofia. The Preliminary EIA of the bridge and its adjacent infrastructure was accomplished in July 2001.

The tool comprises:
(1) Obligatory components according to legislation:
• Project background – project description and site conditions;
• Legal and administrative framework;
• Analysis of the existing environmental conditions;
• EIA Report on air quality, surface and ground water, waste, land and soils, riverbank and island erosion, geology and foundation, flora, fauna, landscape, noise, cultural and historical heritage and recreation zones;
• Analysis of main project alternatives;
• Impacts of accidential situations - risk to human health and environment; and measures to avoid accidents;
• Mitigation of environment impacts;
• Supervision and monitoring;

(2) Additional components according to the peculiar situation – investigation of impact on present and planned recreation zones in the proximity of the bridge.
Each of the components was considered for both Bulgarian and Romanian riverbanks. The Preliminary EIA stressed on the impacts of the main project stages – construction of adjoining infrastructure, construction of the bridge and the operation phase.
Two traffic scenarios were considered: (1) low growth of traffic (LGT) and (2) high growth of traffic (HGT). The second one considers the possibility of no traffic passing through Serbia (as a result of UN embargo).

Description of tool - availability
The Tool Implementation Manual is paper-based and downloadable for free in Internet:

Description of tool - existing
The Preliminary EIA was based on EU tool.

Description of tool - adaptation
The tool was adapted to meet the need for cooperation between Bulgaria and Romania; local experts from both countries were involved in the implementation process.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Preliminary EIA report

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