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Opinion of tools

Name of the tool
Public Planning Forum

Positive comments about the tool
The tool could efficiently support the decision-making process especially when a project has addressed all sectors and many aspects of urban development. The important part of using the Public Planning Forum as a tool is to identify and involve all actors affected by the project. The classification of the suggestions formulated during the discussions was made by the project team. Classification criteria could be defined in advance according to the project aims and the possibility to avoid potential conflicts.
The tool is used by local authorities to attract different actors, to increase public awareness, to involve people in decision-making process, etc. It makes the process more democratic and transparent and guarantees the elaboration of urban development plans relevant to local needs and potential.

Negative comments about the tool
• The existence of underrepresented groups (young generation and land owners);
• Difficulties in achieving consensus on certain problems (location of tourist accommodation, ski facilities, transport infrastructure, etc.);
• Environmental aspects left behind on behalf of social and economic ones.