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Decision making process

Name of the case study
Ski centre Comprehensive Development Plan

Decision making process - stages
The following steps are included in the procedure:
• Elaboration of project brief, Ski center Comprehensive Development Plan, 2001;
• Presentation of ideas and perspectives for tourism development in the Municipality of Chepelare at the Business Forum, held in Chepelare in June 2001;
• Preliminary project elaboration, 2003;
• Public Planning Forum, September 2003;
• Final project based on the results of the discussions;
• EIA Brief – 2004;
• EIA Report elaboration by RIEW (Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Waters) to MoEW (Ministry of Environment and Water), 2004;
• one-month period of public proposals, remarks and suggestions to the project submitted, 2004;
• Project implementation, end 2004.

Decision making process - levels
The political and the technical levels are concerned at different stages in decision making process.

Decision making process - sources of information
The basic information used for the project elaboration was: Strategic Development Plan, Local Development Plan of the town of Chepelare, ideas and perspectives for tourism development (during the Business Forum), meetings and discussions with the local authorities

Decision making process - who are the decision makers
The actors involved in decision-making process were: local and regional business, sports organisations, NGOs, land- and forest owners, local citizens, project team, experts and local authorities.

Decision making process - who made the final decision for project implementation
The final decision for the project implementation was made by the Municipal Council.

Name of tool
Public Planning Forum

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
The tool was jointly implemented in the preliminary stage of the project development by the Municipality and the project team.

The discussion results were used to facilitate the decision-making process and to guarantee that all actors’ opinions were taken into account:
• conflict of interests between land owners and other groups involved became visible;
• the consequences and interrelatedness of alternative actions and location of services and facilities (tourist accommodation, ski facilities, transport infrastructure, etc.) became clearer to the public.

Effect on different actors – the Municipality was assisted in making a policy decision relevant to the expressed interests of different actors; local and regional private business got relevant information to base their investigation plans on (including on opportunities to invest in planned large infrastructure projects); the local community got involved in and felt responsible for developing a shared vision on the future of their town and the surrounding area; the project team got arguments for choosing between the two alternatives.
At the end of the Forum the project team discussed the suggestions made and afterwards evaluated the possibility to reflect them in the plan.

The project proposal for new sports facilities aimed at achieving a balance between build-up and natural areas according to the quantitative ratio defined by national standards and laws.
Supporting infrastructure (transport, buildings, sewage and water supply, waste, etc.) was to conform to national standards, available local resources and future tourism development.

The outcomes of the tool implementations were used to support the elaboration of final Comprehensive Development Plan.

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated
The information about the project development was disseminated by the Municipality to the public and to the actors directly involved. The dissemination sources comprised mass media and presentations of the different stages of the project development in the municipality.

Decision making process - how was the public involved
The municipal authorities sent invitations to all actors. The definition and the choice of the target group representatives were made by the project team according to the project content and scope.

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project
The public involvement took different form during the project development:
• Public Forum – during the preliminary stage of project development
• public proposals, remarks and suggestions to the project submitted after the EIA Report

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Public Planning Forum

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