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Decision making process

Name der Fallstudie
Transport Project Assessment Guidelines
Bewertungsleitlinien für Verkehrsprojekte

Decision making process - stages
The district of e.g. Road Administration, The Road Administration, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Government and the Parliament. The same stages in other modes.

Decision making process - levels
Inside Road Administration technical, in the Ministry and most of all Government and Parliament political.

Decision making process - sources of information
The results of the assessment mainly.

Decision making process - who are the decision makers
In small individual projects the (chief) officials of the Road Administration, otherwise the Minister (MTC) or the Government, that is politicians.

Decision making process - who made the final decision for project implementation
See answer to 'Who are the Decision makers?' (above).

Name of tool

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
⢠The tool was implemented during or after the planning stage by experts. <br> ⢠The tool output did not influence the process, since the output is the essential part of the procedure. <br> ⢠The C/B-ratio , compared to the ratio of other project, and the minimum standards for the ratio announced by the Ministry were the tools defined benchmarks. <br> ⢠The tools implementation was essential in supporting argumentations. </p>

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated
Directly to the decision-makers. Only the results of the dmp are in most cases public, but not necessarily actively disseminated.

Decision making process - how was the public involved
Not much in the assessment, but often widely in the debate on the investment itself. Large projects are normally well exposed in the media, and citizens are eager to give their feed-back.

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project
Might be over the investment project, but not over using the tool.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?


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