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Project description

Name der Fallstudie
Transport Project Assessment Guidelines
Bewertungsleitlinien für Verkehrsprojekte

Description of context
The districts of Road, Rail and Maritime administrations choose the construction or improvement projects to be implemented, and compose strategic, mid-term and annual programs for implementation. The central administration of each mode collects these programs and prepares a proposal for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which coordinates the proposals and has negotiations with the Ministry of Finance resulting proposals for the state budget. At every stage indicators are needed to enable the comparison of the projects, and the assessment is implemented.

Description of project - background
To solve the problem described above in the context explaination, MTC prepared unified guidelines for assessment of project of all modes.

Description of project - objectives/aims
Economical (costs of infrastructure construction and maintenance), environmental (noise and emissions) and social (time used in traffic).

Description of project - time interval and stages
The assessment is made for each project proposed to have state financing. This is a part of general planning.

Description of project - financing
In most cases the (state) administration is responsible of the assessment of their own projects. In some common projects the municipalities might participate - not necessarily in terms of money but using office hours to study the effects of the proposed investment. The cost of the assessment might be 15 -20 000 ? per a large project in maximum.

Description of project - other sectors involved
See information in Financing answer.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?


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