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Decision making process

Name of the case study
Rehabilitation of water supply network in urban fields (CARE-W-ARP)

Decision making process - stages
The CARE-W-ARP implementation belongs to the early stage of the decision making process.

Decision making process - levels
The choices done during the decision making process are essentially technical. However political choices have also an influence. For example political weights exist through the choice of taking more or less influence of criteria during the ranking procedure. For instance, if the local councillors decide that traffic disruption is not a priority in comparison with flooding criteria, the technicians who are in charge of the annual rehabilitation planning can take into account such preferences in choosing different weights for criteria. The political influence does not interact directly with the tool implementation but indirectly because it belongs to the technicians to take final conclusions. That's why the benefits of the tool implementation encourage opening a dialogue between technical and political levels: technicians should be well informed of the political orientations.

Decision making process - sources of information

Decision making process - who are the decision makers
Technicians are making the final decisions.

Decision making process - who made the final decision for project implementation
It is a technical decision with political influence.

Name of tool

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated
The use of this tool improves
• Discussions and dialogues between municipal engineers of the water network and the elected representatives by the increase of transparency and communication
• The management of a given annual budget
• The consideration of environmental, social and economic issues in making a decision regarding pipe rehabilitation.

Decision making process - how was the public involved
No public was involved.

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project
There was no public discussion involved.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?


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