Water and Sewage
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Water and sewage legislation

EU legislation relating to water and sewage have been collected together to give an overview of laws guiding the sector on a Europe wide scale.

Bathing water

Common procedure for the exchange of information on the quality of surface fresh water

Community action in the field of water policy

Environmental Impact Assessment

Framework Directive in the field of water policy

Helsinki Convention: trans-boundary watercourses and international lakes

Integrated pollution prevention and control: IPPC Directive


Other dangerous substances: protection of groundwater

Other substances: protection of the aquatic environment

Pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources

Quality of drinking water: new requirements

Quality of water intended for human consumption

Shellfish culture

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Surface fresh water: methods of measurement and analysis

Surface freshwater: quality and control requirements

Urban waste water treatment

Water suitable for fish-breeding

Water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors