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Tool application

Name of the tool
Preliminary EIA Report

Who applied the tool in the case?
The ERM Lamayer International was commissioned by Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Communications to conduct a Preliminary EIA. The study was carried out by ERM Lamayer International, Germany, in cooperation with IRIN, Sofia, assisted by IPTANA, Bucharest, and GeoMarine, Sofia. The Preliminary EIA of the bridge and its adjacent infrastructure was accomplished in July 2001.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
The preliminary EIA procedure was applied within 6 months (February 2001- July 2001).

Any other interesting information about the tool
In the particular case EIA procedure provided framework opportunities for trans-border co-operation (between Romania and Bulgaria) under differing national socio-economic, environmental and legislative conditions.

Case study/ies where tool is in use