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Cardiff County Council Sustainability Appraisal Matrix

Positive comments about the tool
With regard to Cardiff County Council Sustainability Appraisal Matrix, positive features are:
• accompanying guidance notes are helpful for completing the tool;
• authors intend the matrix to add value by raising awareness; stimulation dialogue and debate; generating new ideas; and encouraging ‘joined-up’ thinking;
• it is quick and easy to use and it’s format encourages working together as it is recommended to be completed in a group,
• use of matrix allows comparisons between projects to be made.
• A number of best case scenarios are provided with the matrix that recommend a benchmark against which to assess the project.
• The tool does enable the expected impact of the plan/proposal on local community to be assessed.

Negative comments about the tool
Some negative features include:
• the matrix is open to interpretation by every user, with previous experience influencing scoring,
• the tool could be considered ‘too simple’, although it creates discussion, it does not provide solutions if problems are identified.