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Tool application

Name of the tool
BEAT 2002 (Building Environmental Assessment Tool)

Who applied the tool in the case?

Time taken to fully apply the tool
Depends on the construction and size of the buildings.

Any other interesting information about the tool
BEAT is meant to be a practicable way to make an LCA-analysis of a whole building (or single components), and to compare different building designs / types. It makes it in principle more practicable to follow the procedures in “Manual on Environmental Management in Project Design” (MEMPD), the "authorised" procedure for environmental building design in Denmark.

BEAT is being used as a basis for "Environmental declarations of buildings" (also being developed by DBUR), and as a basis for producers of building components to develop a method for environmental declaration.

It was developed for research purposes at DBUR. This might be one reason that it has not become so widespread yet.

BEAT cost app. 1.200€ for one licence (cheaper with more licences, and for education/training)

Case study/ies where tool is in use