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Tool application

Name of the tool
Movement for Innovation (M4I) Sustainability Indicator Assessment Tool

Who applied the tool in the case?
In Baglan the tool was used by Geoff Marquis, Policy and Strategy Manager, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, while in New Tredegar, Colin Jones, Project Manager, (Head of Performance Management, Caerphilly County Borough Council) applied the tool. However, in both cases the tool was implemented and used only once as part of a pilot test rather than as a monitoring progress assessment, which is how the tool can be used.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
The tool is designed to be applied by the Project Manager and since the Project Manager will be knowledgeable about the project, the tool could be fairly quick (an hour) to use. Research or measures to improve a projects score might however increase the time spent using the tool.

Any other interesting information about the tool
The Sustainability Indicator Assessment Tool has many positive features including the fact that it is:
• Straightforward to use with a clear layout;
• Further explanations are available within the tool;
• The results of the indicator scores are clearly displayed in graphs and a spider web type chart.

Other comments from the Baglan Energy Park Phase II case study include that by fulfilling the indicator criteria the organisation undertaking it has the desire to strive towards sustainability, rather than to achieve a ´badge´ for sustainability. This tool is therefore only likely to be used by those who are genuinely concerned to be sustainable.

The Project Manger for the New Tredegar Regeneration Project found the tool useful and effective and hopes to use it on future projects.

Case study/ies where tool is in use

New Tredegar Regeneration Scheme
Regenerationsmodell New Tradegar

Baglan Energy Park Phase 2