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Project summary

Name of the case study
Dogme 2000

Where is it located?

What type of activity is it?
Environmental management

Short description of the case study
The Dogme 2000-network is a concept of municipal cooperation on sustainable urban development, based on measurable goals, indicators, external annual auditing of the progress, political commitment, and on local embedding of environmental initiatives (amongst residents and enterprises). The network has at the moment five members: The municipalities of Albertslund, Copenhagen, Ballerup, Herning and Fredericia. Dogme has proved to a very fruitful way of making environmental progress, especially by involving other actors in the initiatives, and the awareness of embedding the concept and goals of Dogme locally.

The case was chosen as it deals with key issues of PETUS: defining measurable environmental goals and using them for regular assessments. The case illustrates how this concept influences decision-making processes on different scales of the municipality. Dogme 2000 covers in principle all sectors in the municipality (energy, waste, water/sewage, green/blue, transport, buildings and planning), and is related to key problems in different sectors. Dogme can be seen as an umbrella for the environmental policies in the sectors.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Dogme 2000

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