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Project description

Name of the case study
Open Space Planning

Description of context
The urban development programme comprises a policy paper for the overall municipal development. The Land Utilisation Plan is the tool to implement the urban development programme. The Development Plans, these include detailed information about the planned project on the site, illustrate the creative elements for the land utilisation and describe in more detail the planned utilisation of the urban area. Local Agenda 21 ideas have been regarded in the open space programme.

Description of project - background
The instigation of this policy came from the increasing pressure on the remaining green areas in the city and in addition lacking coordination and management. The drivers have been the spatial planning unit, nature conservation unit, the public and administration.

Description of project - objectives/aims
The overall objective of this policy is to link open space development more closely to land use planning and to those sectors which would have an impact on the development of the green areas in the city. Concrete measures, to achieve these goals, have been addressed to thematic areas:
Nature protection – urban ecology
Green areas (green ring) around the city
Protection and connection of habitats
Vegetation cover
Water bodies and groundwater
Social Green – mounting and accessibility
Public sports facilities
Accessibility – pedestrian and cycling paths
Green areas in living areas
Green in housing areas
Inner court yards and front gardens
Leisure and local recreation
Local recreation in the urban area
Local recreation in near surroundings

Description of project - time interval and stages
Realisation of measures was scheduled for a 10 years period, being implemented step by step and in parallel with the spatial development of the city.

Description of project - financing
The provisions of financial means have been allocated to the different measures (see above). Due to the complexity and multitude of measures, the estimate of costs should give a frame to set up further actions. However, its realisation depends strongly on the real availability of financial means.

Description of project - other sectors involved
During the programming period of the policy other departments, e.g. transport, have been contacted and informed since infrastructure developments are in direct conflict with the open space development. Therefore, a central aim for the policy is to avoid conflicts with other, "space-consuming" infrastructure development projects.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Policy on "Open Space Planning"

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