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Project summary

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Open Space Planning

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What type of activity is it?
Preservation and redevelopment of green areas

Short description of the case study
The open space policy paper was meant to support the dynamic spatial planning and development processes, by coming after the stated goals of the spatial development program and other topic-specific programs and policy papers. In addition it formed also the basis and provided the formal framework for the planners to decide on the future development of the open spaces in the overall urban context.

First steps in this direction have been taken years before, after having realised that recent developments have had massive effects on the open spaces in the city. As a consequence protective measures have been taken up into the "urban development program", being the starting point for more stringent steps to gain advantages for the environment, the people and for the developing economy as well.

The policy includes a number of objectives which aim at nature protection and ecology, social green (accessibility and mounting), the arrangement of green spaces in the living areas and local recreation.

In addition some measurements have been defined considering the above objectives, both for the different city districts and for the whole urban area.

Furthermore the necessary instruments and strategies for implementation, what regards the relevant legal backgrounds, the required financial means, public address and participation including affirmative activities to start private and official co-operation.
This case study relates to the PETUS key-problems:
• Green-blue space quantitative aspects and their ratio in urban areas
• Green spaces qualitative aspects – conflicts between the provision of facilities and maintenance of ecological life
• Efficient management of green spaces

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Policy on "Open Space Planning"

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