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Opinion of tools

Name of the tool
Traffic planning – a SEA-based guideline for the regional level

Positive comments about the tool
The benefits could be subsumed that due to the tool a more even balance between the environment and socio-economic development could be observed, so to meet the interests from the stakeholders. Moreover, the guideline proved to be a valuable vade-mecum for the experts to incorporate important issues.
Public involvement starts rather early during the planning phase, receiving positive feedback between all stakeholders involved. Relevant information is well prepared for the public, emphasising not to give the impression that the decision making has been done already.
The process tool provides the basis to develop a standardized procedure for cross-sectoral co-operation which is required by large-scale infrastructure projects. Every new project will challenge the tools’ applicability.

Negative comments about the tool
The guidelines are considered as a flexible system and ready to take up improvements, which are expected from new projects and practical experiences.