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Opinion of tools

Name der Fallstudie
Middelgrunden Wind Farm
Windkraftanlage Middelgrunden

Name of tool
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), supported by WindPro

Opinion of tool - argumentation for choosing the tool
It is compulsory by law to carry out an EIA for such a large project as Middelgrunden Wind Farm. Danish law implements the Council Directive of 27 June 1985 on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment 85/337/EEC.</p> <p>Denmark has developed a special EIA for wind turbines.</p> <p>WindPro is a tool developed especially to give a realistic image of the visual impact of a wind farm â it could do, what was needed. </p>

Opinion of tool - barriers for the tool implementation
The main problem of carrying out an EIA is the large request for specialist information â this requires engaging a number of specialists to cover the different fields of expertise needed.</p> <p>The EIA procedure for wind turbines focuses especially on the visual impact (including disturbing reflections from the wing) and noise. In the off-shore construction of Middelgrunden, the following environmental aspects were considered (among others): <br> ⢠The risk of leaking debris and heavy metal contamination from the former dumpsite (Middelgrunden),<br> ⢠Noise propagation,<br> ⢠Influence on the free flow of water in Oeresund,<br> 1. Risk of collisions with vessels,<br> 2. Impact on flora and fauna,<br> 3. Risk of finding shipwrecks and deposits from the Stone Age of archaeological interest.<br>

Opinion of tool - assessment by tool users
Middelgrunden Vindm?aug writes on its website
?The cooperative, with its 8,300 members has, through a dialogue with all kinds of interest groups, generated a widespread understanding and acceptance for the chosen location and layout of the park. The ministerial considerations and the approval of the project have been delayed by the preparation of the new liberalised electricity market. The chosen offshore site is situated outside the frames of municipal and regional planning. Instead, The Danish Energy Agency held a direct hearing including authorities and interest groups.?: The computerised visualisation of the project has been a very important part of the process so far.

This can be read as a recommendation of the use of WindPro.

The use of WindPro can partly be seen a spin-off effect of the EIA procedure.

Opinion of tool - reviewer\'s assessment
The visual impact of the wind farm was improved by using the EIA and the specific tool WindPro.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), supported by WindPro

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