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Project description

Name der Fallstudie
Middelgrunden Wind Farm
Windkraftanlage Middelgrunden

Description of context
In the Danish Energy Action Plan, Energi 21, the government proposes an increase of the share of renewable energy in Danish energy supply from the present (2003) 9 % to 35 % in 2030.

Wind turbines have a special position in Denmark. More than 100,000 families are members of a wind energy cooperative, and the public have installed 80% of all Danish wind turbines. Until recently, cooperatives were a very important and dominant factor in the development of the Danish wind energy sector.

Description of project - background
Middelgrunden Wind Farm was initiated by the NGO KMEK. Copenhagen Environment and Energy Office organized and facilitated Middelgrunden Vindm?aug. Middelgrunden Vindm?aug is a private co-operative with about 8,300 persons shareholders.

Description of project - objectives/aims
The primary goal for both owners has been to increase the production of electricity in an environmentally friendly way. Furthermore they want to demonstrate Copenhagen as the Environmental Capital of Europe. Copenhagen considers Middelgrunden Wind Farm to be a pre-study for later Danish offshore Wind Farms. Middelgrunden Vindm?aug wants to engage the population of the metropolis in sustainable development.

Description of project - time interval and stages
Middelgrunden Wind Farm consists of 20 2MW turbines. The maximum height of the wingtip is 111 meters. The turbines are located close to Copenhagen Harbour and are very visible when approaching the city from the North. The turbines are placesd in a circular arc with a 12.5 km radius. The total length is 3.4 kilometres. Copenhagen Energy owns half of the turbines. The Middelgrunden Vindm?aug owns the other half.

Description of project - financing
Middelgrunden Vindm?aug financed 10 of the wind turbines having a total expense of 180 mill. DKK, - around 24 mill. ?; invested by the 8300 shareholders.

Description of project - other sectors involved
The green/blue sector and the transport sector have been involved in the project ? the establishment of the Wind Farm could be in conflict with interests in nature and in conflict with air and sea transport (and telecommunication)

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), supported by WindPro

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