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Project summary

Name of the case study
Construction of Municipal Waste Water Collector No 5, Samokov Municipality

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Short description of the case study
The case presents the integration of two evaluation tools used at different levels (national and municipal) in order to solve the problem of an urgent waste water collector construction. It illustrates the relationship set between national and municipal priorities and presents the practical implications of the transition from one decision-making level to another.

SamokovĀ“s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) was put in operation in 2001. For achieving its full effectiveness an urgent accomplishment of the adjacent town sewage network (six collectors) was needed. Because of the very scarce financial resources available at the moment the Municipality had to make a decision for the construction of only one of the six collectors. Using a combination of a previously used and a newly elaborated tool, the Municipality chose one of the collectors and successfully applied for financial support (50% of the sum needed for construction) to the National Program on Priority Construction of Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Procedure for Criteria Relative Weight Evaluation (Tool used at National Level)

Technical and Economic Report (TER) + Local Priority Criteria (LPC) (Municipal Level)

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