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Opinion of tools

Name of the case study
Lyon Confluence Storm Water Management

Name of tool
Evaluation Grid

Opinion of tool - argumentation for choosing the tool

There is a wish, from the Water Direction of Greater Lyon, to integrate the sustainable development dimensions into the approach.
This approach was presented to the elected representatives, who approved it.

The multicriteria grid presented above is similar to grids presented in other case studies. Its goal is to help choosing a solution and provide argumentation. The solutions follow a logical arguing, and respond to sustainable development objectives.

Opinion of tool - barriers for the tool implementation

Time and human resources needed (at least, one person to create the grid, and one other to use the grid for the evaluation, both being different from the design engineer) to implement the evaluation grid can be important.

In order to use the grid in the most effective way, to evaluate different solutions with an objective view, it should not be the same person that hold on the project, create the grid and use the grid to evaluate different alternatives in regard with sustainability. Here it is not the case; the project engineer has designed the project, created the evaluation grid and used it to evaluate the project alternatives. Therefore the evaluation process was not really objective.
That's why the grid has presented very few impact on the decision making process. The project engineer has chosen to not present the grid to the electives representatives because of the lack of objectivity of its use, even if they could have been interested in such grid.

Opinion of tool - assessment by tool users

The grid will probably be used to evaluate network solutions that will be proposed in the new mixed development zone, when studies on the project will be open.

As it is mentioned above, the use of such grid is time-consuming and needs to involve several people in the evaluation process.

Even if the grid had no impact on the decision making process, its elaboration was a first step to implement an evaluation procedure. The project engineer hopes that the grid will be used through another project. It was a first learning step.

Opinion of tool - reviewer\'s assessment

There is a need for improving the multicriteria evaluation grid. The given marks are quite subjective. Furthermore, this evaluation mode is additive and compensatory.

This project of sewer network rehabilitation is a part of the whole neighbourhood renewal (see case study "Lyon Confluence major urban development"). The water management has raised an interesting issue in regard with sustainability. This is the opportunity to make different technical services working together at the design stage. For example, the objective of decreasing pollution from the source implies avoiding using materials liable to generate toxics. Also, the flooding management implies a new conception of public spaces.

There is also a wish to decompartimentalize technical services for the infrastructures management. A dialogue between the Water Direction of Greater Lyon and the developer contractor (Lyon Confluence) was opened to think about optimizing street cleaning in order to reduce the production of pollutants by rainy weather: use of a vacuum / high pressure roadsweeper, communication and signposting work, concerning specially waste collection in leisure places to prevent solid waste to settle in the receiving water via the sewer network.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Evaluation Grid

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