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Project description

Name of the case study
Porte des Alpes storm water management.

Description of context
The main actors involved in this project are:
- Greater Lyon,
- Water Direction of Greater Lyon,
- University Lyon II.

Description of project - background
The “Porte des Alpes” site is considered as a strategic site for the development of the city of Lyon. It is a large site - 1400 ha - situated between 3 towns, including already several equipments as for example a business airport, an exhibition park, the University Lyon II and a commercial centre. It represents a link between the different urban areas of Lyon and the outlying cities, and it is supposed to give a positive economical and landscape-related image of eastern Lyon.

The development of this urban area urges to preserve and create natural greenspace (with a proportion of 50% of the area for greenspace and 50% for construction is required in the master plan). In 1991, a 200 ha part of the site, bought by Greater Lyon, seems to present the basic criteria for the creation of a research park and a residential area, as a first step of the development of the site.

Description of project - objectives/aims
Objective of the project was to preserve and create natural greenspace in a newly developed urban area.

Description of project - time interval and stages

Description of project - financing
- Given the specificities of the area (topography and pre-existing network), the solution is low-cost compared to fully connected alternatives.
- System multi-functionality enabled outside financing to be sought.
- Landscaping enhances the site, making it more attractive to firms considering setting up there.

Description of project - other sectors involved

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Charters and coordination to manage multipurpose facilities

Environmental indicators

More information

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