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Application of tools

Name of the case study
Municipal System for Biogas Extraction and Utilisation

Name of tool
Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)

Description of tool - character
Multicriteria analysis was applied to assess various social, ecological and economic aspects of biogas production and implementation:
Analyses of energy markets
- Assessment of potential markets for the energy produced from LBG;
- Criteria for assessing different market opportunities: market reliability; delivery costs; pricing and price stability; unique requirements; ease/difficulty of contracting;
- Analysis of potential market options.
Identified quantities and characteristics of the biogas generated at Bratovo Landfill - The amount and nature of biogas generated at the landfill were determined. Existing information on forecast methane production and accelerated biogas generation by using biological reaction methods was compiled (data on biogas production at the landfill including production forecasts to the year 2007).
Developed plans for LBG collection and destruction (burning) systems
- Design and costs of LBG collection system;
- Destruction system design.
Reviewed technology options The list of criteria used to evaluate the options included: degree of demonstration in similar situations, reliability, O&M (operation and maintenance) requirements, emissions and efficiency.
- Conversion technology options and their commercial availability;
- Criteria for evaluating the options;
- Conversion option alternatives.
Economic analysis of alternatives - assessing economic costs and benefits for a range of project alternatives.
Identified options for project financing and setting up institutional arrangements – analysis of the organisational structure, technical and economic requirements, and alternatives for the development of a biogas utilisation enterprise at Bratovo landfill.
Assessment of the environmental impacts of selected alternatives - analysis of environmental impacts of the project proposal.
Recommendations and action plan - includes a time line and estimated costs of each task The tool comprises a set of benchmarks (qualitative and quantitative) to assess LBG alternatives. The criteria used to develop the recommendations include: characteristics of available LBG supply, marketability of products, technical reliability of the installation, economic feasibility, ability to finance the project and environmental impacts.

Description of tool - availability
The tool could be purchased from BVA , USA.

Description of tool - existing
The tool is based on an existing one (developed by BVA experts USA)

Description of tool - adaptation
Analyses were based on preliminary experience of BVCA experts. Local experts were not involved in the development of the project.
The tool used in this case study is an operational one. There is no information available on how the tool was adapted to the local context.
Experts used the national and international standards and data available in the municipality to develop the project. Consultations with NEC were carried out regarding opportunities for selling the electricity to be produced.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)

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