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Project summary

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Municipal System for Biogas Extraction and Utilisation

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New development

Short description of the case study
The case study presents a municipal approach to finding an appropriate solution for the treatment of organic household waste during the implementation of the National Waste Management Program (adopted in 1999). The problem identified in Bourgas municipality in mid 1990s concerned the fact that the existing municipal landfill was already filled up and the emergence of ecological and health problems was reported (soil and water pollution in a protected area nearby caused by inadequate treatment of the household waste in the existing landfill). In parallel with the construction of a new landfill local authorities tried an approach not traditional for Bulgarian practice to deal with the existing waste problem. The project (initiator: Municipality of Bourgas; partners: local NGO Greener Bourgas and a consultancy company; funded by Ecolinks Programme, USAID) aimed at the implementation of economically effective and environmentally acceptable system for biogas extraction and utilization. A comprehensive methodology was applied to assess the social, ecological and economic aspects of various options for biogas capture and conversion. An assessment of the potential markets for the recovered energy, an analysis of the different technologies to convert biogas into marketable products and a review of the institutional context including ownership issues and facility operations. The project was a pilot one for Bulgaria and the experience was expected to be applicable in similar cases in the country.

This case study is related to ┬┤better management for the disposal of waste┬┤ (PETUS important issue in waste sector)

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)

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