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Project description

Name of the case study
Assessment of organic waste treatment in Denmark.

Description of context
The background for the analysis is the EU consideration of increasing the re-use of organic waste. Also in the national waste plan, Waste 21, the general intention is to increase the recycling of waste. However, these views, based on the rationales of the waste hierarchy, are increasingly being challenged by environmental LCA-analysis and economic analysis, based on different rationales.

Description of project - background
In 2003 the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carried out an economic and environmental analysis of the consequences of increasing recycling of organic household waste. The analysis concerned waste management in municipalities, but was made on a national level (for the municipalities in general), to support the decision on which strategy the EPA should recommend to the municipalities. The analysis was based on a number of partial analysis and full-scale tests on different waste management solutions, completed 1999-2001.

Description of project - objectives/aims
The analysis compared the economic and environmental benefits of three treatment methods on organic waste:
1. recycle waste by anaerobic digestion (and use the energy produced),
2. recycle waste by central composting,
3. waste incineration and energy recovery.

Description of project - time interval and stages
The analysis was carried out in 2003, but is based on data from tests and analysis carried out 1999-2001. These tests were primary full-scale experiments on different types of two-part collection of household waste. These tests were carried out by teams of experts in three Danish cities, and analysed in relation to environmental benefits and economy. The results from these tests are used as basis for the cost-benefit analysis.

Description of project - financing
The assessment was completed by the Danish EPA, as a part of the regulation of the sector. The analysis carried out were all financed by the EPA

Description of project - other sectors involved
The assessment involves energy, transport, and soil quality.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

ORWARE (LCA-analysis for organic waste)

Socio-economic Assessment of Environmental Products (economic analysis)

More information

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