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Tool application

Name of the tool
Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

Who applied the tool in the case?
Members of the Housing Strategy and Development Section of Cardiff County Council, who were responsible for the development at Angelina Street implemented the tool.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
The assessment should take less than a day to complete, but can be repeated and the score refined (hopefully improved) through a project.

Any other interesting information about the tool
For the UK case study on Angelina Street the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) was used to fulfil requirements to provide an energy rating in new dwellings. It is recommended by UK Building Regulations that a Carbon Index is calculated for all new build properties and that this should be at least 8 out of 10. SAP ratings are commonly used in the UK as a measure of energy rating, are well understood as a method of comparison and are likely to be included in Building Regulations in the future. As part of the ‘Cardiff Standard’ it was hoped in the Angelina Street development that a SAP rating of over 100 would be achieved. SAP ratings of between 108 and 118 are being achieved. It is intended that this will become the standard for future Cardiff County Council housing schemes. The council plans to incorporate geothermal and zero carbon heating in the future, which it hopes will improve the scores further.

Case study/ies where tool is in use

Angelina Street housing regeneration scheme.