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Tool application

Name of the tool
Sustainable Livelihoods Approach

Who applied the tool in the case?
Emily Hinshelwood, Awel Aman Tawe project.

Time taken to fully apply the tool
The use of this tool could take many months.

Any other interesting information about the tool
Without applying the tool, the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach appears to be quite a hard tool to initially understand. However the Guidance notes and Distance Learning package produced by DFID are comprehensive and thorough, but do require a significant time to read. However, those actors who have used the tool strongly recommend its implementation. The person who applied the tool in this project was an expert on the tool and was therefore able to adapt it significantly to the project which provided a significant advantage.

Case study/ies where tool is in use

Awel Aman Tawe Community Energy Project.