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Source of tools

Name of the tool

Where is tool available from
EMD International A/S Niels Jernesvej 10
9220 Aalborg Ø
Tel.: +45 9635 4444
Fax: +45 9635 4446

When was the tool produced
No information about first version of the tool (EMD was formed in 1986).
The WindPro tool is regularly updated.

Is support provided
Yes. Worldwide hot-line support is provided by EMD's main office in Aalborg, Denmark.
Regional hot-line support is provided for Germany and other German speaking countries, France, Spain, USA and Canada.
Training courses are arranged world-wide.

Organisation/s that developed the tool and country of origin
WinPRO is a tool developed by the Danish company EMD International A/S especially to visualize wind farms.

Is the tool newly developed or based on an exisiting tool
The tools is newly developed

Cost of the full tool
The modules cost from 500 to 2.500 €. The annual price for a service and update agreement is 20% of the current valid list prices of the modules.

University licences and student licences are available for reduced prices.