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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental statement (ES)

Positive comments about the tool
• There is not one set method for EIA, therefore components of EIA can be adapted to the local context.
• The ES for the EIA completed for Ebbw Vale Railway line provided measures to improve possible adverse effects, these identified effects and possible mitigation measures act as benchmarks/guidelines for the project.
• The results of the EIA report in the Ebbw Vale Railway case study into the proposed station sites, provided information that assisted with the decisions for the final station sites selections.

Negative comments about the tool
• The fact that there is not one set method of EIA is often criticised as it prevents comparisons between EIAs.
• Additionally for a large assessment the EIA covers only environmental issues, and does not consider the other pillars of sustainability (social and economic impacts), this requires further impact assessments to be completed which are not required under legislation.