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Procedure for Environmental Assessment of local regulation in Copenhagen

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Since 2001 the municipality of Copenhagen has worked to implement a decision on assessing all proposals (laws, policies, plans etc.) from the departments in the municipality, so that the environmental implications are taken into considerations when the proposals are assessed by the relevant committees and the politicians in the city council. A first version of the procedure was developed and tested for a year, from 2001. In 2002 it was evaluated be external consultants, focusing on the different departments’ experiences with the procedure. From this evaluation, the procedure has been revised, and is now in the process of politically approval and implementation. When the new version of the procedure has been used for about a year, it will be evaluated, this time focusing on the politicians’ views on the output of the procedure.

The aim of the procedure is to make decision-makers (politicians) more aware of environmental implications of political decisions, which makes it a relevant study for PETUS. It includes 13 environmental themes (Water/sewage, energy, waste, soil, noise, air pollution, transport, Agenda 21, embedment of environmental policy, operation of Municipal institutions, enterprises, buildings, and infrastructure provision), and therefore relates to key-problems from all sectors.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Procedure for Environmental Assessment of local regulation in Copenhagen

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