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Pedestrian Master Plan for the city of Liege

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This case is related to the development of a tool that aims to support sustainable development in the city of Liége, Belgium.

The tool consists in a Pedestrian Master Plan which study was funded by the E.U. (Feder funds) and the Wallonian Region of Belgium. The local coordinator was the Federal Plan for Large Cities in Liége.

Preliminarily, available data and surveys put in evidence the pedestrians´ challenges for the city (walking habits, poor financial resources, good proximities of services, increase of car use to cover short distances, etc.)

The Pedestrian Master Plan has then been developed with a clear mobility objective, when usual pedestrian strategies focus on green and scenic spaces or the commercial center, targeting tourism.

The idea is to potentially connect 45.000 citizens located in 20 minutes walking distance. The Pedestrian Plan balances environmental and tourism concerns by social ones. It is also considered as a promotion and land-planning tool for the city. This experience is relatively original as developers mention that the only comparable example for French-speaking cities is the Pedestrian Plan of Geneva, Switzerland.

After the first stage of diagnosis and setting up of the Master Plan, the Municipal Council adopted the plan by January 2004. At this date, a second stage of promotion and analysis of concrete urban developments project taking place in it started.

It has to be mentioned that the real impact of this plan, the progresses towards sustainability are still not assessed effectively, as it is too often the case for such kind of initiatives.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Pedestrian Master Plan

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