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Decision making process

Name of the case study
Urban Green space differentiated Management

Decision making process - stages

Decision making process - levels

Decision making process - sources of information

Decision making process - who are the decision makers
Workgroups enable coordination and transversality between technical services at a planification level as well as at a zone planning / green landscaping level.

Decision making process - who made the final decision for project implementation

Name of tool
Differentiated Management

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
Tools used for green space management allow a definition of task priorities (e.g mowing frequency), in order to insure coherence as far as the space differentiated management is concerned.

Benchmark: Rennes was one of the first French cities to implement, from 1966, a differentiated conception for the management of its green space, inspired by experiments carried out by some cities of Northern Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries…). The benchmark used has been qualitative and not really quantitative (comparison of results) because it depends highly of the city context.

The experience of Rennes has been used also as an example for other cities in France.

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated

Decision making process - how was the public involved
Public information about differentiated management implementation has been done through various means (municipal newspaper, radio programs, exhibitions, open days, guided tours, information signs, etc.).

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project
Dialogue has been organized using public meetings, investigations, discussions with citizens and associations. It was necessary to inform population about the park policy of the municipality.

There is no specific method that has been created to take the social demand (in regard with green spaces) into account. Standard methods have been used as it is mentioned above. Even if the garden service of Rennes municipality has tried to improve the consultation (it has tried to meet people in their residence but it is a very fastidious work) it is still difficult to mobilize all the green space users. Project holders expressed the need of more efficient tool concerning governance: “How can we motivate population to take part of the consultations? Is there simple solutions to make inhabitants participate?”

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Differentiated Management

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