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Decision making process

Name of the case study
Millennium Coastal Park

Decision making process
The Millennium Coastal Park Team is now part of Carmarthenshire Councils Lifelong Learning and Leisure Division. Throughout the development of the study the Management Board of the park were given executive powers, therefore decisions did not have to go through the Committee system enabling decisions to be made much faster. The Director of the Parks team was a member of Carmarthenshire Councils Board of Directors.

When applying for funding from the Millennium Commission, a consortia led by Land Use Consultants was employed to undertake the further development of the Coastal Park Concept. The consultants who formed the development team and the information they provided are listed below:
Land Use Consultants: Project management, master plan design, development strategy.
Chesterton: Business Plan and Economic Appraisal.
Bradford Bowen & Partners: Quantity Surveying and Cost Appraisal.
Environment & Development Company: Marketing Strategy.
Mott MacDonald: Engineering Appraisal.
Artworks Wales: Artistic Design.

Name of tool
Business studies

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
The Development Strategy and Business Plan Report was commissioned during the initial stages of the project prior to the funding application for the project. The completed Business studies indicated that economic and community benefits identified would include:
• £3.6milllion in additional income to the town stimulated by increased visitor numbers,
• 600 person years in work in temporary construction jobs during development,
• Longer term employment opportunities with up to 100 direct new jobs,
• Up to 200 jobs created from the induced effect of tourism expenditure in the area,
• Private sector investment in the order of £1 million such as from rental income of caravan parks etc.
• Enhanced value and contribution to the wider regeneration of south Llanelli – the development has transformed the towns outlook to the coast stimulating confidence in the area and therefore helping to advance development in areas lying adjacent to the park.
This provided evidence of what benefits the development would provide and encouraged the Millennium Commission to grant funding to the project. The benefits identified can equally be seen as goals for the project. The tool supported the funding bid for the project.

Name of tool
Design Guidance Strategy

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
The Design concept was submitted as part of the application for funding from the Millennium Commission. Some design ideas were considered to be too expensive and would have had too much impact on the habitat of local birds such as the development of an esplanade across the seaside of the main bay. Design benchmarks and styles for the Millennium Coastal Park were specified within the strategy. The use of the tool was incorporated to prevent any unnecessary disagreements over the design quality of the project.

Name of tool
Environmental Statement and Environmental Impact Assessment

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
These tools were implemented at the very beginning of the project to fulfil legal requirements. The report suggested that:
• visitor numbers should be monitored to investigate the impact on ecology and conservation: three visitor movement studies were completed.
• impacts on water quality through construction should be agreed with the Environment Agency before construction.
• local traffic may have minor impact on noise and air pollution – not significant.
• careful design will ensure that amenity is enhanced.
• an inventory of features of interest should be made so that they can be incorporated and interpreted within the park.
The suggestions identified in the report can equally be seen as goals for the project.

Name of tool
Visitor movement studies

Decision making process - tools in decision-making process
The Visitor Movement study was completed prior to the project receiving funding in November 1998. The Visitor Movement Study predicted that annual visitor attendance could range from 470,000-848,000 dependent on weather, marketing and a successful events programme (excluding numbers to existing attractions). At first the majority of visitors were expected to be those making day trips from their nearby homes. The predicted visitor attendance rates provide a quantitative goal for the project.

Decision making process - how was the information for the dmp disseminated
Information concerning the project was disseminated from the Millennium Coastal Park Project team, part of Carmarthenshire County Council, directly to the public/media etc.

Decision making process - how was the public involved
Before site work began, public consultation involved the production of a video, newspaper displays, the establishment of the Millennium Park Forum and consultation with community councils and interest groups. This material was distributed to the public through libraries, schools, posted to every house in the Borough and meetings.

Decision making process - was there public discussion over the project
A number of bodies were consulted on the development which is a legal requirement of the planning process, these included the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and the Countryside Commission for Wales.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Business studies

Design Guidance Strategy

Environmental Statement and Environmental Impact Assessment

Visitor movement studies

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