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Opinion of tools

Name of the case study
Transport Project Assessment Guidelines

Name of tool

Opinion of tool - argumentation for choosing the tool
The use of the tool was requested by the Ministry. The district administration of each mode took the initiative for choosing /elaboration the tool because of the requirement by the Ministry. There was no knowledge necessarily of other tools since no other tools were considered.

Opinion of tool - barriers for the tool implementation
Only qualitative barriers: the money available is not always sufficient to achieve the best possible, deep understanding over the impacts of the investment. The assessment is requested, so it's done in any case.

Opinion of tool - assessment by tool users
Any improvements are difficult to measure, but the results of unified assessment guidelines are clear: better coordination of projects of all modes and types, more effective state money allocation to projects. Through the assessment during each case some benefits are gained: the impacts of various factors on the assessment result can be recognised and the choice between the alternatives can be done at an early stage.

There were not really any spin-offs or unintended consequences.Sometimes it might be a surprise for the participants that those factors which are not included in the c/b-factor in terms of money have less influence on decision making as expected.

The c/b-ratio is ok, but the rest of the impacts shown as results of the assessment are not necessarily well defined, exact or transparent. The choice of them is not regulated but depends on who made the assessment and how.

Use of the tool is mandatory, and will be used further on beneficially. Some development is needed, however; see above. However, the actors would recommend the use of the tool, believing that the tool should be used on public sector more widely, e.g. on municipal health and social sectors.

Opinion of tool - reviewer\'s assessment
Very useful, because the results strongly influence on decision-making. The economical aspect is more or less overwhelming, but perhaps this is the price for that influence. Can very well agree the above mentioned needs for further development presented by the users.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?


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