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Project summary

Name of the case study
Middelgrunden offshore windfarm

Where is it located?

What type of activity is it?
New development

Short description of the case study
Middelgrunden Wind Farm is a Wind Farm placed in the sea near Copenhagen Harbour, visible from large parts of the city. The finished project consists of 20 2 MW wind turbines placed off-shore. Off-shore wind farms are an essential part of the strategy for more renewable energy. The public view on wind farms is generally quite positive. Wind turbines have traditionally been built by small private co-operations, involving a number of shareholders.

The size of the wind turbines has been increasing considerably in the last 25 year period. Hence, wind farms are large facilities that have to be evaluated using an EIA-procedure. The visual impact of the wind farm is one of the important impacts. In order to facilitate a realistic public debate on the visual impact of Middelgrunden Wind Farm, the specific tool WindPro was used.

Even though wind farms are considered an environmentally friendly technology in a Danish context, the evaluation of the impact on the environment has to be carried out. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a traditional way of doing this, which is compulsory in most European countries. This case illustrates the function of EIA and the support from the special tool WindPro.

Middelgrunden Wind Farm is concerned with the visual impacts of energy supply systems

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), supported by WindPro

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