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Project summary

Name of the case study
Optimisation of planning procedures to implement transport infrastructure

Where is it located?

What type of activity is it?
Development: Building new roads or build some in addition to increase capacity and release the existing ones.

Short description of the case study
The regional authority responsible for transport planning is obliged to provide a programme that deals with the future development of traffic and transport on the regional level. The overall goal is to develop and operate a sustainable traffic policy, considering national and international legislation and directives. So the traffic planning unit has made a transport concept based on the federal "National Transport Programme" which formed the basis for other concepts on the regional level. Within this concept, certain emphasis is placed on environmental friendly, alternative traffic options such as to provide and increase the public traffic share, and infrastructure for cycling and pedestrians.

In order to reach the above objectives and being able to realise the necessary procedural steps, the planning unit developed a tool which follows in principle the SEA-idea. The tool follows a SEA-template adapted for local requirements within the regional context, aiming to optimise the planning and procedural requirements for integrated large-scale projects. Numerous aspects from the different sectors need consideration and the involvement of the public is one of the central concerns.

The case is a good example where cross sectoral co-operation as well as the involvement of the citizens are regarded as important preconditions for planning procedures and finally the realisation of a plan or project.

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Traffic planning - a SEA-based guideline for the regional level

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