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Framework for system analysis of sustainable urban water management

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Hellström D, Jeppsson U, Kärrman E (2000)
A framework for systems analysis of sustainable urban water management
Environmental Impact Assessment review 20 (2000) pp 311-321

Malmqvist PA (1999)
Sustainable urban water management
Vatten 55. 7-17

Malmqvist PA, Ashbolt N, Fane S, Hellström D, Jeppsson U, Söderberg H (2000)
Assessing alternative wastewater systems in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm
2nd int Conf on Decision Making in urban and Civil Engineering, Lyon France, Nov. 20-22. pp 1-13

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Lund Institute of Technology
Chalmers Institute of Technology

Project is part of large National research program “MISTRA” (Sustainable urban water management)

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