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Opinion of tools

Name der Fallstudie
Municipal System for Biogas Extraction and Utilisation
Ein Programm auf Gemeindeebene zur Gewinnung und Nutzung von Biogas

Name of tool
Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)

Opinion of tool - argumentation for choosing the tool
The main reason for choosing the tool was to assist with the complexity of the interrelated problems and the need for a high-level expert evaluation of both biochemical processes and health issues. The Municipality of Bourgas and BVA (with the support of an EcoLinks Challenge Grant) collaborated to conduct an assessment of Bratovo landfill biogas emissions and review options for capturing the biogas or converting it into a useable energy resource.</p> <p>The tool is considered to be effective in meeting European standards for waste management, the requirements of the National Strategy for the Environment and Action Plan 2000-2006 (NSEAP) and Bourgas Municipal Programme for Waste Management (1998-2008). The multicriteria approach applied was based on the experts´ experience. There was no consideration given to the use of other tools concerning this problem.</p>

Opinion of tool - barriers for the tool implementation
The main problems concerned the lack of adaptation of the tool to the particular case and low availability of data in Bulgaria needed for the tool.

Opinion of tool - assessment by tool users
As the project implementation is not finalised yet, it is difficult to fully assess the effectiveness of the tool applied in this case. However, the consequences of implementing the multi-criteria analysis has been: Strengths are related to the opportunity provided for linking a wide range of issues and fields of professional competence:
? local community health;
? environmental problems of the area;
? energy efficiency of using renewable energy sources;
? financial opportunities to turn biogas extraction into a self-supporting structure.

No assessment is made of the influence of the planned facility on other urban infrastructure sectors.

The general view of the tool by the tool user is that the experience of using the renewable energy source is valuable as an approach in respect of turning weaknesses into strengths. Other municipalities and landfill owners in Bulgaria and throughout Central and Eastern Europe can benefit from the range of LBG utilisation technologies evaluated at the Bratovo Landfill through this project.

Opinion of tool - reviewer\'s assessment
The tool covers environmental, economic and social aspects to develop the project for sustainable landfill management. The analyses explicitly stress economic benefits as answering the particular conditions in the country.

As a part of the municipal waste management policy the project should be consistent with the assessment of the whole municipal waste infrastructure ? from collecting to recycling.

The tool was used only by experts; it was difficult for non-experts to assess expected outcomes.

Local experts should be more actively involved in the project in order to get the experience needed and to use their knowledge of the local context.

The social benefits could be more comprehensively considered.
?When implementing an international partnership project, extra time should be allotted for work completion due to business cultural differences and language differences.? (Venelin D. Todorov, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Bourgas)

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Multicriteria analysis (Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.)

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