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Project description

Name der Fallstudie
Environmental monitoring in Breda
Umwelt Monitoring in Breda

Description of context

Description of project - background
Some ten years ago environmental monitoring was attempted for the first time. An external investigation tried to determine useful indicators. Hundreds of indicators were selected, which was not workable. Finally, monitoring started with less than 10 indicators, and the results over the years were published in a book. As the monitoring was not anchored in the policy, this initiative ended. Recently monitoring was seen again as a useful instrument. It was started up again, partly on request of the management. Meanwhile an "environmental view" had begun fixing (global) aims on a semi long term (2000-2015).

Description of project - objectives/aims
Environmental monitoring has a primary aim to evaluate environmental policy and to justify it to the management/government as a supplement to the annual report.

Description of project - time interval and stages

Description of project - financing

Description of project - other sectors involved

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Umwelt Monitoring

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