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Cross sector links

The main cross sector links for waste concerns energy generated as a result waste through biogas from waste recovery or from waste incineration.

Energy can be recovered from waste by direct waste incineration. Waste is used as a fuel substitute, materials recovery (energy released as a by-product of a process) or as waste disposal where fuel is recovered as a by-product (e.g. landfill gas). Energy from waste can make an important contribution towards sustainable development as a source of renewable energy leading to reduced fossil fuel usage and cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. Waste technologies being developed to generate energy include pyrolysis, fermentation, gasification and feedstock recycling that will help to recycle waste material and also cut fossil fuel usage.

Other sector links include the blue/green impacts of landfill; transport impacts from waste collection especially construction waste and congestion issues; and the issue of durable material in buildings versus the reusability of the material elsewhere or the longevity of the material after disposal.